New Construction and Renovation Projects Come with a Lot of Questions


Is Powell & Associates Licensed and Insured?2022-05-05T00:42:31+00:00

Yes, PAI is both licensed and insured.  Our license number is 74921.

Do you provide ideas for how to use space better?2022-05-05T00:44:13+00:00

Yes, indeed!  Give us a call, we’d love to help figure out how to best utilize that space of yours!

What is the general budget for a new custom home?2022-05-05T00:45:12+00:00

Great question and one that is very difficult to answer without exploring what you are looking for.  We go through a detailed process to develop a budget for your custom-built home.  Your budget will depend on many things including size of your home, number of levels, exterior materials (brick, stone, siding), inside finishes (floors, doors, etc.), appliances and fixtures.  Once we go through this process, we will be able to provide you with a solid budget.

Can you help me find a plan that suits our needs?2022-05-05T00:46:11+00:00

Yes!  In fact we really enjoy the process of helping homeowners find the perfect plan for their new custom home.

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